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Series Processing Inventories

Click on the agency tab below to see what series have been processed for digitization.

About TRAIL Series Processing Inventories

Series listed are linked to spreadsheets which are the TRAIL series processing inventories.

These inventories, which may be downloaded, list individual report titles that have been processed by TRAIL for digitization and provide a link to the digital copy as it becomes available. 

If you know of a report that is missing or would like to supply a needed report, please contact the Coordinator of the Collections Working Group

Note: A digitized report may not be viewable for many reasons due to the original item format, the time it takes to process/ship/digitize, and to copyright issues that preclude public access of the image.

Needs Lists

TRAIL does not provide a needs list for specific items for many of the series being collected.  There are two major reasons. 

  1. Many agencies have not provided publication lists.  There is simply no way to know if a specific item was published. 
  2. As our processing unit handles materials a Processing Inventory is created/updated.  There is a lag between processing, digitization, and access to the digital image.This make maintaining needs list for over 400 series difficult. 

If a specific item from an active series is NOT in the Processing Inventory, TRAIL would like a copy.

If a series you are interested in is NOT listed on this guide, TRAIL may be interested in starting the collection and digitization for that group.  Please contact us if you have suggestions.

Guide Status

This inventory guide will always be under construction!  It is the nature of federal technical reports to cause confusion and wonder.  TRAIL strives to provide accurate information about which report series we are digitizing or harvesting and the status of each project.

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