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Series Processing Inventories

Click on the agency tab below to see what series have been processed for digitization.


About TRAIL Series Processing Inventories

Series listed are linked to spreadsheets which are the TRAIL series processing inventories.

These inventories, which may be downloaded, list individual report titles that have been processed by TRAIL for digitization and provide a link to the digital copy as it becomes available. 

If you know of a report that is missing or would like to supply a needed report, please contact the Coordinator of the Collections Working Group

Note: A digitized report may not be viewable for many reasons due to the original item format, the time it takes to process/ship/digitize, and to copyright issues that preclude public access of the image.

About National Bureau of Standards

Office of Construction of Standard Weights and Measures, Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1882-1891; Office of Standard Weights and Measures in the Dept. of Treasury, 1891-1903; became Bureau of Standards, 1901, then in 1903 transferred to Dept. of Commerce and Labor (stayed with Commerce when the 2 split in 1913); became National Bureau of Standards in 1934; name change in 1989 to National Institute of Standards and Technology.  NBS/NIST Histories

National Bureau of Standards  T 41.

National Institute of Standards and Technology  C 13.

TRAIL has collected most of the items in the NBS Publication List. Please let us know if an item is missing. A few series are still being processed.

NIST Publications Available form Other Sources